martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Volar con iPad

Fokker Services introduces Electronic Flight Bag hardware and mounting solution for iPad

Nieuw Vennep, The Netherlands, January 25th --[ASDWire]-- Fokker Services, in collaboration with flight operations software and services leader Navtech, today introduced commercial aviation's first affordable hardware and mounting solution for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) technology designed for the Apple iPad. The revolutionary new solution includes Navtech's market leading charts library, setting a new standard in portability and convenience for pilots. Swedish cargo carrier Amapola has received approval from the Swedish CAA for a Class 2B EFB and has begun flying using the solution in its fleet of Fokker 50s.

"This product is a sterling example Fokker Services' goal to create innovative, affordable modifications for the retrofit market," said Tom Milder, Fokker Services Director Modifications. "It's a perfect match for operators who want to take advantage of EFB capabilities while achieving cost savings in relation to training, devices, installation and the revision environment."

The new iPad solution has been extensively tested by Amapola pilots, generating exceptionally positive feedback. Pilots have noted such advantages as reduced workload, significantly reduced turnaround times and flight preparation time, and possibilities for incorporating last minute runway changes. Further, the need for most flight paper manuals is eliminated through the inclusion of Navtech's 31,000 page charts library, which was introduced in an iPad application, Navtech iCharts, in November.

"We see the iPad as a unique opportunity to further lighten the load on pilots and airlines" says Mike Hulley, Navtech CEO. "Navtech iCharts has captured the attention of airlines around the world for its convenience and truly user-friendly format. It's the kind of innovation that's a win for everyone."

The iPad EFB Solution is EASA certified. It requires no expensive ICT infrastructure and has a power reserve of up to eight hours. Further, easy installation on flight decks makes introduction within an entire fleet possible within weeks. While the iPad EFB solution was introduced on Amapola's Fokker 50 aircraft, it is also available for Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

To learn more about Fokker Services iPad EFB Solution visit

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