martes, 3 de agosto de 2010

Primer Guardian para Francia

First DA42 GUARDIAN delivered to France
The first DA42 GUARDIAN in France will be operated by Vigie Aviation, a new airborne surveillance company founded by a former French Navy Maritime Patrol pilot – Christophe Perrier.

The new generation Diamond MPP (Multi Purpose Platform), equipped with two 170hp AE300 diesel engines from Austro Engine and the Diamond Noise & IR Reduction Kit, will be used for coastal maritime surveillance. With a state-of-the-art EO/IR gimbal (FLIR Star Safire), a maritime transponder (AIS = Automatic Identification System), a maritime VHF (very high frequency) radio, a real time video transmission device, a satellite communication system and a maritime moving map software, the DA42 MPP with its impressive endurance of up to 13 hours is perfectly suited for such operations.

“A high-performance camera combined with an AIS is able to substitute a maritime RADAR. It’s a perfect compromise solution for those looking for successful detection capabilities and want to avoid the difficulties of RADAR integration”, says Christophe Perrier, CEO of Vigie Aviation.

With its GUARDIAN, Vigie Aviation is able to satisfy needs of major environmental companies dealing with maritime pollution monitoring such as oil spill, green tide, jelly fish or floating. Thanks to the platform’s versatility Vigie is able to address a lot more markets: environmental and facility monitoring, fire fighting, public security, traffic observation, disaster relief, aerial filming, airborne laser scanning, aerial photogrammetry, etc.

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