martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Venta n*1000 del Pod Litening

Rafael marks sale of the 1000th Litening Pod
Litening is one of the world's leading and most widely-used electro-optic targeting and navigation pod

At a special event attended by senior members of Israel's defense establishment, Company and Business Partners executives, customers, and representatives of foreign militaries and airforces, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. marked today the sale of the 1000th Litening Pod.

Litening is one the world's leading, and most widely-used electro-optic targeting and navigation pod. Used by combat aircraft, Litening provides easy to operate, reliable, day and night precision strike capability, in adverse weather conditions.

Following the procurement of the Litening by advanced customers, including Israel, Germany and others, Litening has been a major tool for operational and functionality when Northrop Grumman Corporation and Rafael team was awarded the US ATP-SE competition for the ACC in October 1996.

The event marking the rollout of the 1000th Litening pod was held in the presence of Rafael's Executive members customers representatives and Rafael's business partners representatives including Northrop Grumman, the prime contractor for the Litening pod for the U.S. market and FMS (representing more than half of all sales), Ultra Electronics from the UK and ZEISS from Germany.

Litening pods have been procured by 26 countries. Litening pods have compiled, totally, more than a million flight hours. The reliable, easy-to-maintain pods constitute more than 50% of the world targeting pods in use. Litening pods are currently used in a range of ongoing operations including international peacekeeping forces (International Security Assistance Forces).

Litening is the first pod that incorporates a FLIR sensor with a special wide FOV for HUD display during low level night flights. Other features of the Litening include a CCD camera for improved daytime targeting, a laser spot tracker, and laser target illumination for joint missions with ground forces, and on the gimbals INS (to reduce target location error, for better LOS management, and enable inertial tracking even when the target is obscured). Litening was the first pod to feature a bi-directional data link.

With its advanced multi-sensor, multi-mission targeting and navigation technology, Litening enables fighter air crews to carry out a wide range of precision strikes. Litening has a broad range of operational capabilities for ground, and naval targets, both fixed and mobile. Litening enables tracking of multi-ground and aerial targets simultaneously, supporting the Air to Air missions. Litening's multiple sensor array provides effective detection, recognition, identification and tracking, shortening the sensor-to-shooter cycle. Litening provides real-time battle damage assessment and CAS (Close Air Support) with ground forces is made possible.

Litening's modular architecture and uniquely-designed LOS control made possible the development of the RecceLite system, an innovative tactical real-time reconnaissance pod based on Litening's configuration

Amiram A., Director of the Electro-Optics Systems Directorate at Rafael, notes: "For years, Litening has been one of Rafael's premier products, both in Israel and worldwide. Litening has transformed the field for targeting and navigation operational solutions by fundamentally improving and expanding air force capabilities. We are proud to host our key customers and partners at this event."

Mike Lennon, from Northrop Grumman Corporation stated: "We are proud of our cooperation with Rafael and of Litening's success. For air forces around the world, Litening plays a vital part in combat capabilities to carry out a wide range of missions. Cooperation between the two companies will go forward with Litening's next generation and award of the ATP-SE, as we continue to lead the field for targeting and navigation pods."

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