martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Elbit Systems en LAAD 2011

Elbit Systems’ Live Multimedia demonstration at the show will illustrate "Border Protection Solutions", depicting how the Company's Command & Control Solutions, communications infrastructure and sensors - all provide a full intelligence picture to all echelons and operational levels, without limitations of distances

Elbit Systems and its Brazilian subsidiary Aeroeletronica S.A. (AEL) will feature an impressive lineup of new-generation systems at the upcoming Latin American Aerospace & Defense (LAAD) Exhibition 2011, set to take place from 12-15 April in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A broad range of innovative solutions will demonstrate the Company’s leadership in modern avionics suites, comprising computer interface and high definition smart displays, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Laser Guided Munitions, electro-optic payloads, high-speed digital data-links, remote controlled weapon stations for armored vehicles and more.

Elbit Systems has been active in the Brazilian market for a number of years and views Brazil as a key market for its full portfolio. This includes a wide variety of systems: Unmanned Turret systems for the Brazilian Army’s Land Forces as part of the Guarani Project; Hermes 450 UAS selected for the Brazilian Air Force; aviation applications and platforms; a variety of upgrade programs of existing military platforms; development of new technologies for defense as well as homeland security.

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