viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

Rafael presente en Eurosatory 2010

Rafael to present ASPRO-A (Trophy) for Merkava tanks and introduce the Iron Dome launcher.
13 June 2010 – Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will present a wide array of products and capabilities at the Eurosatory Exhibition scheduled next week in Paris.
At the exhibition, Rafael is presenting, for the first time, ASPRO-A (Trophy), the active protection system for tanks and AFVs. The threat detection and warning system has been successfully installed on Merkava 4 tanks.

In addition, Rafael is also introducing for the first time the Iron Dome mobile defense system for protection against short-range missiles and rockets. Along with Iron Dome, Rafael will present Spyder, an air defense system based on Python 5 and Derby air-to-air missiles. Also making an appearance at Eurosatory is David’s Sling system for intercepting medium- to long-range rockets.

The Spike Family of multipurpose, electro-optic missiles, considered the most advanced of their type in the world, are designed for use by ground forces, light naval vessels and attack helicopters and have a range from 4–25 km. Spike NLOS, an electro-optical missile system with a real-time wireless data link, which can be installed on a variety of air, land and naval platforms will be featured for the first time.

Rafael is also showing the following products and capabilities at Eurosatory:

· Matador – shoulder launched anti-structure munition, enabling launching from enclosed spaces

· Simon – door breaching rifle grenade

· Remote controlled weapon station (RCWS) – suitable for use on light-armored fighting vehicles, a variety of ships, observation towers.

· Land communication systems

· Thor – neutralizes IEDs

· Spotlite-M – fire detection system

· Array of passive and hybrid armor

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