martes, 28 de julio de 2009

Cruce del Atlántico con Diamond DA42NG

Successful flight over the atlantic with the DA42NG
Diamond’s newly certified DA42 NG, powered by two proprietary Austro Engine AE300 170 hp turbo-diesel powerplants, has been flown across the Atlantic on the way to the Oshkosh air show EAA AirVenture 2009.
Piloted by Martin Scherrer, Manager of Flight Operations at Diamond Airborne Sensing, the flight from Diamond’s headquarters in Wiener Neustadt, Austria it´s facility in London, Ontario, Canada took 27.5 hours total, flown in 7 legs ranging from 3 to 4.5 hours over 2.5 days. Fuel stops included Dortmund, Germany – Wick, Scotland – Reykjavik, Iceland – Narsarsuaq, Greenland – Goose Bay and Quebec, Canada.
“The engines maintained the performance to the desired altitude (FL140) without degradation of power, which was very helpful when climbing through icing layers on the way up. The flight was performed without any problems whatsoever, with the engines running very smooth and stable,” said Martin Scherrer. “The flight was very pleasant. The low noise and vibration levels reduce fatigue, the seats with memory foam inserts, adjustable lumbar support and backrests are very ergonomic and the new taller canopy and electrically adjustable rudder pedals accommodated my 6’7” height comfortably.”
All flights were flown at FL 140, at 65% power, 155 KTAS, with a fuel burn of only 5.6 gph per engine. The aircraft is a stock DA42 NG, without ferry tanks.
DA42 NG OE-FSP (S/N 003) is on display at EAA AirVenture, from July 27th to August 2nd

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