martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

RAFAEL sistema de defensa

Rafael—$48 million deal with the United States Navy
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has won the United States Navy tender to supply Mini-Typhoon naval gun stations. The total of the business transaction is $48 million.

The Mini-Typhoon is a lightweight, stabilized, remote-operated naval gun system, especially designed for fast maneuvering patrol boats. The system, the most advanced of its kind, provides day and night observation, operation, and accurate firing capability. The Mini-Typhoon combats terror at sea and is in use by a number of navies throughout the world, including the U.S. Navy.
Rafael offers a wide array of remote operated weapons stations for both naval and land applications, suitable for use by light armored vehicles, assorted boats and ships, and observation towers, in combination with a variety of small arms. Rafael has sold hundreds of naval and land weapons systems to the Israel Defense Forces as well as to the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Canada, and other countries.
Giora Katz, Rafael VP, General Manager Protection system sector said, “Winning the tender expresses the continuing belief of the U.S. Navy in Rafael systems in general and the Typhoon in particular.” Katz added that Rafael’s extensive range of capabilities enables the company to supply customers with operational solutions to combat diverse threats in many different scenarios.

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