jueves, 18 de junio de 2009

Certificación de EASA para Damiond DA42

EASA Certification for the new generation of DA42 multi-purpose platform
Diamond Aircraft Industries has received the EASA certification for the DA42 MNG on the 17th of June 2009. Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft was handed over the EASA certification by Frédéric Copigneaux, Deputy Director Certification. EASA stands out in the constructive way of collaboration with DAI - even regarding such a complex project like the DA42 MNG with its wide application range.

The next generation of the multi-purpose platform will have a remarkable less infrared and noise signature. The noise level has been decreased about 12 decibel. Due to the new Austro Engine power plant AE300 the DA42 MNG shows a twenty percent higher engine performance as well as a better single engine performance, more payload and a higher fuel efficiency.

The GFC700 Autopilot guarantees precise flying and leaves some relevant capacity for the pilots during all kinds of Airborne Sensing Missions.

The DA42 MPP is worldwide in use - especially in crisis regions like Iraq.

Diamond Aircraft reckons that fourty percent of the yearly sales of 220 aircraft will be DA42 MNG.


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